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GPS drawing is an art which started many years ago and currently there are some fans that devote their time and efforts to do magnificent examples of this art, if you are seeking inspiration you can visit: http://gpsdrawing.info/ the examples you will find in that web page are done with standard GPS receivers that are accurate down to 5 meters level approximately our invitation is for you to do something much smaller and faster by using our post processing cloud service which will allow you to achieve sub 10 centimeters accuracy under ideal conditions.


  • To play this game you will have to use a mobile phone running Android Operating System (AOS) version 7 (which was released the 22nd August 2016) or newer.

  • To check which Operating System version is your phone running follow this steps:

Android version image


Here we provide some advices so you can make your drawing as accurate as possible:

  • Hold your mobile phone as high as possible with your hand making sure that the top part of the mobile phone is not covered by your fingers or hand.

  • Go to a place where there are as few sky obstructions as possible, in other words, the drawing is to be done far from buildings, trees, moving vehicles, etcetera.

    Location advices
  • Move your mobile phone slowly and smoothly with the top part of the phone always looking upwards.

  • Remember that the vast majority of the mobile phones output data once every second so during the drawing process imagine that the mobile is leaving a trace of bread crumbs behind, the faster you move the phone the more spread the bread crumbs will be and the less defined your drawing will be. To aid in the readability of your drawing it should be as big as possible, advisable size is 10x10 metres or larger.


  1. Register as a new user here on JASON (if you don't have any account yet) by clicking the "Try it for free" button.

    Signup button screenshot
  2. Go to your email and confirm your registration

  3. To record the mobile phone data to create the drawing, go to Google Play Store or to the App Store and download the app QuickSurv created by Rokubun (click on the icon below to find the app).

  4. Initialize QuickSurv and provide adequate permissions the first time you run the application.

    Quicksurv installation
  5. Click the "+" sign to create a "folder" to store your drawings.

  6. Last but not least click over the "play" button. At this point you can start drawing with your phone remembering that what you see on the on screen map is not as accurate as what you will obtain after processing the data from the phone.

    Note: after clicking the "play" button, you don't have to do anything! Just keep walking with the phone in your hand.

    Quicksurv start


  1. When you have finished your drawing, stop the application recording by clicking over the stop icon. If you want, you can type a title.

    Frocess data
  2. Click the "Process in JASON" button so that your drawing data is uploaded to Rokubun servers.

  3. Close the application and wait for at least one hour so that we can prepare our servers for your drawing.

  4. After that time you can go to JASON and log in with your credentials.

    SignIn button screenshot
    SignIn form screenshot
  5. Generate your drawing:

    1. In JASON, click over my processes and search for projects whose input file name starts with "quicksurv".
    2. Click on a circular arrow (cycle) on the right part of the table once, and wait for 3 minutes.
    My processes screenshot
  6. After that waiting time, press the "eye" icon to visualize your drawing results.


Once you have your drawing, follow the instructions to participate in the contest:

  1. Upload your picture to your twitter account between 4th and 10th October, during the World Space Week

  2. Add the hashtags #WSW2021 #ROKUBUNchallenge

  3. Follow ROKUBUN (@rokubn) and tag it in the drawing picture

And that’s it!! We will announce the winner in ROKUBUN’s twitter account on 11th October.

The jury will be formed by ROKUBUN’s employees, and they will contact the winner to send her/him the award: a board game about space call: "The Crew" plus 1 month free access to JASON.

The Crew game board picture
The Crew game board (Picture source: amazon)
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